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The company running the app is totally useless giving automated replies for the problems. The link the doctor sends cannot logon with, only way to logon is send a verification link to your mobile phone and then when you make a password it will not allow you to logon with it even though it shows correct when trying to reset it. When I contacted the company eclinical they keep sending me the same automated replies. Horrible app as it is impossible to logon, they need to fix it.

Continues to fail, app wont allow user to add a required security question, then gives you a "failed login" message, no link to contact for assistance

Love Healow

This App is extremely user friendly and VERY helpful. A lot of people are busy, but taking care of our health matters most. This App helps me keep in touch with my doctor, schedule and set reminders for my appointments and, most importantly, it helped me manage my medications. I set alarms that remind me when to take them, so I never get too consumed in my work or daily endeavors as to forget. Im very happy with this App!


Needs some work

I like this app

This app is good. I can stay connected with my doctor and keep my personal health!

Great App

This app is great for keeping track of your BP and Weight! It can use some work on your medications! It is very confusing! Also needs work on appointments!

Handy; email is crap

I really like that I can find my appointments, and my medications list. I am very dissatisfied with the email in this app. I am an I-OS user and the email just doesnt work. I tried to email my physician on numerous occasions. Her email address doesnt appear so I can only send a general message. I dislike this, so have ceased using Healow app to connect with my provider electronically. I call the office and leave a message.


This app is a nice tool for keeping track of labs and appts. It is in need of work in terms of messages. I cant determine what was in my own message to my provider once it has been sent.

Powerful yet simple

This app has given a new dimension to personal health management. It has helped me communicate with my doctor more often. Just the basic access to timely information concerning my labs, up to date medications and appointments itself changes how I manage my health. I find the reminders extremely useful considering my busy schedules. Would love to see what healow has planned for the next version.

User Unfriendly!

Its difficult to see my busy doctor....but not nearly as difficult as using this App!

Functionality of app

It doesnt! I have lost my list of my drugs and their support team cant help. They dont respond or give me any options to try


Some good stuff, some less so. Tracking blood pressure allows Systolic and Diastolic and even allows heart rate input, but does not track it. Big time problem if one has rate issues. Also test results are not always secure, and by that I mean one day they are all theres, the next day most missing. Whats with this???

A good start

This app is a little hard to use, but provides an information pipeline to a medical provider. I have not been able to navigate successfully to attached documents. It is also difficult to enter and maintain updates on stored information.


I would like to see history of emails sent, otherwise great

Dents all in one app

Absolutely love the app!!! Keeps all my information in one place, from dr appointments to test results and future appointments

First time user

It was easy to sign in and see my scheduled appointments. I havent used any other options.

Yes this need some work

The menus are incomprehensible to me, many do loops in circle... This tool does have value, but not there yet. For now this needs work.

Not there yet...

It could be a great app. But the doctors have to be on board. I cant find mine to make appointment or look up any of my info.

Meds dont delete

Deleting a medicine that is no longer used is a hassle and leaves the info inaccurate - reminders are glitches also.

Healow app

This app drives me crazy. Leads you in circles with inability to add other medical providers. Ive tried many times and it sent me in circles with codes from my text to let me back in and complicated codes for the providers and if you flip between apps to get the codes you have to START ALL OVER! O M G. Annoying!

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