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Continues to fail, app wont allow user to add a required security question, then gives you a "failed login" message, no link to contact for assistance


Lab reports and x-rays not readable. Practitioners dont put lush to the portal even after multiple requests. Even if they do you get part of a sentance. Was of time. Shows appointment in network only. I have it for two provides, its the same. I gave it one star because there are no negative numbers.

Hardly Works

I can see my appointments with the app, but when I have a message with my lab results, the ticket spins, but it NEVER opens. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and it NEVER works, and it never WILL work, as far as I can tell.

Healow App is great!

Great app! So much easier to connect with my doctor than office visits and makes them less necessary!

Very Helpful

This is such a good app if you have an appointment and need to view it or change it or even send a note to the drs office.

Bugs still there

Enter correct pin only to be asked over and over to enter pin. Useless at this point.

Not bad...can be helpful

It has been a nice resource to access my medical records and results as well as being able to contact my provider. Seems to be coming out with new features too which could make it even more user-friendly.

Ackey 1

Love this app, is very helpful!


Cant seem to sync my Fitbit.. says its synced , but doesnt show anything , other than that luv it

Great app!

This app is great for keeping in contact with your medical care providers.

My dr get to.

Love this app!

Dr. LaGrones office

Dr. LaGrones office is the only one I go to that uses this app. Honestly I wish all of my dr.s used it. Its easy to follow step by step and simple. The only thing is I dont like is listing the medicines its like I keep repeating them over and over. Other than that I give this app a 5 stars.

Good App for Medical Communication

Works well. The message interface is a little clunky. I wish the drug logging was more robust, but for messaging between doctors & patients I guess its adequate.


Everytime I try to add medications to my cabinet it CRASHES and then I cant reopen WITHOUT uninstalling and reinstalling! All of my meds are showing in my patient portal, but WILL NOT show on Healow! My Drs office says there no way to share my chart, vitals, or tests results with me on healow so Im basically using a pointless app!


I can see lab results but vitals taken at doctors office not loaded. I have an appointment in a few weeks but it isnt showing up in app.

App not working correctly

This app was great until the last update. Now my medication reminder goes off at midnight instead of the time I have set. No matter how many times Ive tried to reset it to a different time it still goes off at midnight. Very frustrating.


I have using my hospital/clinic patients portal. On my laptop for years. With this app. I have all my medical information on had were ever I go.

No records!

This is probably more a doctors practice issue, but after numerous visits and tests, I cannot find any record or information in this app.

Really like app

I really like the app. Makes it easy to refill meds, check appointments and communicate with my Doctor. ❤️


Great app

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